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Our Charlotte psychic mediums are amazing! You deserve the best that the universe has to offer and we make sure that you have only the top and highest rated mediums helping you. Many of our psychics are 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generation advisors. You will not find this anywhere else.

They have the experience that you need. Looking for advice on love, money, your career, relationships, or something else? Many of our advisors specialize in certain areas. We will make sure that you are paired with the psychic that is best suited for you and your questions.

In fact, we have a guarantee with every phone call. If you are not satisfied with the psychic reading that you are provided we will credit your account back up to 10 minutes for free. You can reach us by phone or chat.

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To get the most out of your live psychic Charlotte NC reading make sure you prepare a little in advance:

A private phone or online chat reading with a gifted Charlotte psychic can be an amazing and valuable experience. To ensure you get the most out of your reading, please take these simple steps.

  • Find The Right Space

Find a quiet room where you can open your mind and feel safe to share your deepest thoughts. Even the idea of being interrupted can alter the flow of your reading.

  • Clear Your Mind

Prior to the start of your reading, clear any nonessential thoughts and focus on the problems that need to be discussed. Anxiety and stress can obstruct the flow of communication and interfere with a clear reading.

  • Have Questions Ready

Write down questions in advance to help you concentrate on exactly what is really bothering you. An unclear question can give you a vague reading. Try to make your questions as specific as possible.

  • Be Open To The Truth

The truth often hurts. However, you need to be open to it, whether or not it’s what you want to hear. Recognize that you have come to the reading with some preconceptions of what to expect. Try to open your mind to new possibilities.

  • Sleep On It

Reflect on your reading afterward and how you really feel about the experience. The answers you received may not be apparent overnight. Watch for indicators and signs in the upcoming days or even weeks for the truth to be revealed.


Here is a list of some of the best Charlotte psychics you can find. Click the pictures for a free chat and to get more information.

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Psychic Charlotte NC History

cassadaga florida historyCharlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and is one of the top financial banking centers in the United States. The city is located in the southwestern portion of the state and borders South Carolina. Charlotte NC has a few nicknames which include The Queen City and The Hornets Nest.

Over the last decade or so Charlotte has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  Its affordable standard of living and healthy job market makes it a very attractive place to live.  Charlotte experiences a full 4 seasons but has a fairly moderate temperature.  January is it’s coldest month with an average temperature of 41 degrees.  Charlotte receives a lot of its weather patterns from the Gulf of Mexico which gives it a subtropical climate.

Charlotte is a hub for many flights and boasts the 14th largest airport in the country.  Nearly 60 percent of all of the population in the United States can arrive to Charlotte within a 2 hour flight.  This has given the city yet one more nickname which is the “gateway to the south”.  Home to the famous preacher Billy Graham, the area is made up of mostly Christians and Baptists.  However, the psychic Charlotte NC community is very strong as well.  North Carolina hosts a wide variety of landscapes with forests and beaches.  A top destination for summer travel and vacationers.


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